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Subject: RE: [xdi] New Sea level Use case

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 16:04, Drummond Reed wrote:
> Bingo! You've just nailed down the glue points in the Dataweb of Trust (to
> coin a term ;-)
> Peter, don't you think the PKI TC would be interested in this? I know John
> Sabo from CA, pres. of ISTPA, and I have talked about the relevance of
> XRI/XDI to distributed PKI several times.
> =Drummond

I think the PKI TC, as well as XKMS, would have material interest here,
yes.  We must ensure, however, that the actual _trust processing_ is out
of scope for this TC.  We simply need to provide mechanisms for
processing, depending on the the implimentation needs.

We must esp. be supportive of other public-key technologies, such as
(P|G)PG, where the open-source communities play an active role in

Actually, a couple of interesting, parrallel research is going on at
RDFweb [1] and some "kite-level" thoughs on related identity and trust
issues by Dr. Rohit Khare [2]

--- peterd

[1] http://rdfweb.org/research.html
[2] http://www.ics.uci.edu/~rohit/IEEE-L7-names-trust.html

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