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Subject: Call for Editors - XDI Use Cases & Requirements Spec

XDI TC Members:

On last Monday's call we opened a Call for Editors for our first
deliverable, the XDI Use Cases & Requirements 1.0 document. Although this is
not a formal specification of the TC, it does set the foundation for our
other specifications and will be extremely useful in explaining the context
of XDI to many other TCs and others interested in our work.

Bill Barnhill, Dave McAlpin, and Marc Le Maitre were the first three
volunteers, with myself pitching in to help with the Glossary work. Since
there is plenty of room for editors, particularly with this first document,
please feel free to volunteer, either on a call or via the list. We'll keep
the call open until the next official TC telecon (Wed. April 7).

Thank you in advance,


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