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Subject: [xdi] Chat conferencing Redux

The Jabber chat server is up if anyone wants to chat before, during, or
after the telecon. The chatting is unofficial, but will be logged and
each days log will be a separate page on the Wiki. The server is
xmlsolutions.org, and the port is the standard Jabber port 5222.

If you do not have a Jabber client a good one to start with is Exodus,
which can be downloaded from

To connect from scratch do the following:
1) Download the exe from the above URL
2) Virus check, run the exe
3) When prompted check SSL configuration (not in place yet, but will be)
and plugins, then click Next
4) Set the install directory and click Next
5) Click next to use the default start menu shortcut
6) Check all three of add shortcut on desktop, add shortcut on
quicklaunch, start exodus when windows starts
7) click install (you will need to be connected to the internet for this
8) Click next once it completes
9) Check run exodus
10) Click finish

When it brings up the dialog for the profile:
1) Enter your wiki name as the user name
2) Server should be xmlsolutions.org
3) password should be something you'll remember
4) Check save password and this is a new account
5) Click Ok and you should be connected

To join chat conference:
1) Press F7
2) Make sure Browse servers for a room to join is checked
3) You should see xdi as one of the rooms, double click on it
4) A new window should pop up with the text box to type your message in
on the bottom left of the window, the history (chat history is set to
200, so if you log in a few minutes late it's not a problem) at the top
left, and the users present (the roster) on the right.

I'll be publishing the python script to take the Jabber XML log and put
it into a wiki page as soon as I write it.

On the use cases, I have not been able to make the time to split them
out as was discussed at the last telecon, but will do so by the next

I am logged into the XDI room, so feel free to IM me, but will be
popping out for Chinese.  I should be back by 7:30PM EST (4:30PM PST) at
the latest, so please do let me know if you have problems with the chat



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