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xdi message

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Hi all,


In preparation for our next XDI TC call (official) scheduled for Wednesday July 7th at 7AM PDT please review the following action item list.

We will review it on the call.









* ACTION – MARC LE MAITRE and BILL BARNHILL to update UCR based on this feedback.


* ACTION - DRUMMOND REED to update the Mary Jones example doc and produce a second Bob Smith example document to:

 - Redo labels inside business cards

 - Correct link to policy

 - Show subscriber side document (Bob Smith) and how links resolve there.


* ACTION - DRUMMOND REED and any other volunteers to create additional example XDI documents illustrating:

 - Larger XDI contract example including link/contract subscriber

 - Typing examples

 - Addressing of a link node


* ACTION – MARC LE MAITRE to update TC home page for review at next meeting


* ACTION - DRUMMOND REED to update the sample XDI document:


* ACTION – ALL to review the privacy requirements document


* ACTION – MICHAEL WILLETT to extract design requirements from his privacy document for use in the Use Case and Requirements document


* ACTION - DRUMMOND REED to perform investigation of the need to support transactional integrity with subject matter expert that motivated the inclusion of the requirement to gain further perspective about why they considered it to so important.


* ACTION – DAVE MCALPIN and PETER DAVIS to further research removing direct SOAP binding proposal and make a recommendation to the TC.


* ACTION - GEOFFREY STRONGIN – Prepare position on XDI Security Requirements.


* ACTION – BILL BARNHILL, NAT SAKIMURA, and OWEN DAVIS (for FEN LABALME and VICTOR GREY) to send Drummond Reed reimbursements for New Orleans meal expenses.



* ACTION – MARC LEMAITRE and DRUMMOND REED to propose the updated language for the charter once the UCR document is finished, as that is a logical point at which to clarify the charter.


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