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xdi message

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Subject: We're back


First I have to apologize for my silence during the last weeks.

For me, the only European of the TC, it' sometimes difficult to synchronize
my time with yours and my absence at the f2f meeting has create a gap
between your works and ours.

During the last weeks, we have been working hardly on the basic concepts of
Netmino and decided to give a new direction to the project.
That's why we separated the "supporting protocols" that we called "eNumino"
and "aNomino" (see www.enumino.org) and that we are locating in a foundation
" la Jabber" from the application's side remaining the Netmino project

I think you can compare the eNumino protocol with what you're calling the
e-name, except is based on the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber
Identity), you know the mobile number all of us we have one...
The aNomino protocol is a way to push SMTP to breaking point and force the
e-mail service providers to be more responsible for the e-mails they send...
And the Challenge/Response for the exchange of the keys is based on the SPKI
concept Fen help us to discover.

So we would like to have your comments and suggestions to see how we'll be
able to synchronize again your works with ours.



eNumino + aNomino
The IMSI-based protocols
To secure the left side of the @

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