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Subject: Quick poll on next week's (9/1) XDI TC call

XDI TC Members and Observers:

First, my apologies for not officially cancelling yesterday's unofficial
telecon (two members tried to dial in.) We had made the decision last month
not to hold any of the unofficial meetings for the rest of the summer due to
vacation schedules. But Marc was on vacation and neither he nor I remembered
to formally cancel that meeting.

Next week's official XDI TC telecon falls on the week before Labor Day in
the U.S. I already know several TC members will be on vacation that week.
Since August is heavy vacation month and we only had six TC members on the
last official call, I'd like to do a quick poll of who WILL be able to
attend next week's call (planned for 7am Pacific/11pm Japan).

Please send me mail only IF YOU CAN ATTEND. If I don't hear from you I'll
assume you can't attend.

On Monday I will either confirm we'll hold the call or cancel it depending
on the response. (Note that I myself will be out of town until Monday.)

Thanks, and enjoy your vacations!


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