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Subject: No XDI TC telecons this week or next

XDI TC Members and Observers,

As expected, very few TC members can attend this week's or next week's
regularly scheduled XDI TC calls due to end-of-summer vacations and US Labor
Day plans.

Therefore we are cancelling those telecons. Our next telecon will the
official meeting on Wed., Sept. 15, 5pm - 7pm Pacific / Thur., Sept. 16, 9am
- 11am Japan.

Enjoy your vacations - starting with the 9/15 meeting we will resume our
weekly telecon schedule and start pressing hard to complete our overdue Use
Cases and Requirements document as well as resolve the remaining issues
around the XDI metaschema and addressing.

See also my next message about holding a f2f after Digital ID World the
final week of October.


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