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Subject: CANCELLED: the 3/3 and 3/9 XDI TC telecons

XDI TC Members and Observers, 

Due to the sprint the XRI TC is currently in to finish the XRI 2.0
specifications and submit them for OASIS member review by March 15 (and the
large overlap in membership between the XRI and XDI TCs), we are cancelling
this week's official and next week's unofficial XDI TC telecons.

We will resume with the next official meeting on Wednesday, March 16
(hopefully with a XRI 2.0 Committee Draft to build on). At that time we will
begin preparations in earnest for the f2f meeting to be held at the OASIS
Symposium on April 27-29.

We will be meeting from Wed. morning the 27th through lunch on Friday the
29th. We recommend flying Tuesday the 26th and joining the OASIS reception
on Tuesday night so we're ready for a flying start on Wed. morning. I will
send a separate reminder message on this next.


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