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Subject: Reminder: No XDI TC telecon this week

XDI TC Members and Observers,

A reminder that there is no telecon this Wednesday (Thursday Japan) so we
can all take time to prepare for the OASIS Symposium and our F2F next week.

I look forward to seeing you there. I arrive in New Orleans Sunday night and
will attend the Symposium all day Monday and Tuesday. If you arrive on
Monday or Tuesday, just look me up at the hotel, in the meetings, or call my
cell phone at 206.618.8530.

Note that the "Lightning Round" for all TCs will be late Tuesday afternoon
(around 4:30pm) before the OASIS general meeting and reception on Tuesday
night. If you make it in time for the lightning round, look me up there.
We'll arrange to go out to dinner afterwards.

If you cannot attend in person, we will have at least one telecon session
from 9-12am New Orleans time on Friday the 29th. The focus on that call will
be on: a) summarizing the other conclusions from the F2F, and b) discussing
the XDI security model. We will send an email with further details and
dial-in numbers later this week.


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