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Subject: No XDI TC telecon this week or next + telecon schedule update

XDI TC Members and Observers,

My apologies for not sending notice about the call schedule earlier, nor any
further wrapup/debrief about last week's F2F. Needless to say, it was an
extremely productive and "brain-draining" (to borrow Andy Dale's phrase)
session that produced a great deal of shared insight about the XDI universal
graph model, link contract structure, the role of policy, and potential
early-to-market XDI applications, to name a few of the key discussions.

In any case, due to the tight schedules many of us are on this week between
last week's F2F and next week's Digital ID World meeting in San Fransisco,
we will not be holding TC telecons this week or next. We will resume again
on Wed May 18th USA / Thur May 19th Japan.

Also, two suggestions were made at the F2F regarding TC telecons:

1) That we make the UNOFFICIAL biweekly telecon an "as needed" call instead
of being scheduled by default. In other words, UNLESS AN EMAIL IS SENT TO
THE LIST WITH THE AGENDA, the biweekly UNOFFICIAL call will not be held
(this saves administrative time for myself and Marc). The OFFICIAL telecon
calls will still be held automatically every two weeks (starting again May

2) That we move the telecon start time back an hour to 6pm Pacific, 9pm
Eastern, 6:30am Delhi, 10am Japan time, as this start time works better for
Ajay and Paul.

If anyone feels strongly that we SHOULD NOT move the time, please respond
back to the list. Otherwise we will start scheduling the calls for 6pm

I will try to send an summary of other decisions regarding our deliverables
and timeline prior to the next TC call. In the meantime, I look forward to
seeing everyone who will be attending at Digital ID World next week.


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