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Subject: Agenda - Unofficial XDI TC Call Wed. 9/14 6PM-7PM Pacific / Thur. 9/15 10AM-11AM Japan

XDI TC Members and Observers:

The minutes from last week's call have not yet been posted, but a motion was
approved at that meeting to start conducting our official business online
and no longer hold regularly scheduled official TC calls, only unofficial TC
calls, so attendance does not affect membership.

At the same time, there was a great deal of discussion about the proposed
revisions to the current XDI schema proposal, and it was agreed that in
order to keep progress moving, we would start holding unofficial calls
weekly in the same time slot (6pm Pacific Wednesdays). 

In general we will try to keep these calls to 1 hour or less, and topics may
or may not be sent out in a formal agenda in advance (Geoffrey or I will try
to do that each week, but this format gives us more flexibility and allows
the weekly call to be used to spontaneously discuss topics as they come up.)

Calls will still be minuted and posted each week so everyone can stay
current even if they can't attend.

So, tonight's call will be at the regular time, 6PM-7PM Pacific (10AM-11AM

Dial-in number: 760-477-2000 
Access Code: 2647893


* Continue the schema discussion, this time with an experimental proposal to
return to a super-simple schema that incorporates everything we've learned
in the more explicit schema. (I will upload the schema and some examples
before the call.)
* Discuss the need we have for XDI service endpoints in XRIDs (which impacts
the XRI TC work going on right now).


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