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Subject: Minutes - XDI Weekly Call (Unofficial) 6pm Pacific 9/21

Following are the minutes of the XDI Weekly Call (Unofficial) 6pm Pacific


Peter Davis
Steve Churchill
Owen Davis
Drummond Reed

Drummond noted that the telecon number had changed, and he would publish an
updated number for future calls.


We discuss the advantages of the absolute addressing support added in
the V13 schema at:


* Drummond noted that his email with examples contained some errors and he
would issue an update.
* Steve agreed that this schema appeared to meet his streamlined processing
objectives (which was the impetus of his original suggestion).
* We discussed the impact of AbsoluteResource and AbsoluteXRI elements and
the fact that the former could only be a root element.
* Steve took the action item to look over the schema closely and raise a
flag on anything that might cause a problem or be missing.

We discussed the need to bring the addressing proposal up to sync with this
schema and then beginning work on the first Working Draft.

* Drummond agreed to look over the addressing proposal and try to bring it
current. However he will not be able to be on the next call, so it may be
two weeks before he can complete that.

Drummond will not be able to attend next week's call. We discussed that
another time may be more convenient for some TC members now that the calls
were unofficial and being held weekly.

* Drummond will send out email to the list asking about a better call time.

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