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Subject: Apologies & confirmation of new call time

Yesterday's weekly unofficial XDI TC call at the new 9am Pacific time turned
out to be a time which I could not attend yesterday, and I also wasn't in a
place where I could send out a call reminder, which was particularly
important given the new time.

I apologize if that completely through everyone off.

I'd like to confirm that anyone who would like to attend the weekly call on
a regular basis and CANNOT attend on Wednesdays at 9am Pacific please send
me email. I know that time will not work for NRI or AmSoft, and if TC
members there wish to have a regularly scheduled call at a time that works
well for them, please let me know and we'll schedule that as well (having
two separate calls has worked reasonably well for the XRI TC recently).

Thanks - I'll send out advance notice on next week's call.


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