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Subject: OASIS-Symposium submission

Per conversation with Drummond on the XRI TC telecon, I am letting you all know the gist of my submissions so we don't duplicate our efforts and so we can leverage each others presentations. Two submissions for the symposium, one on transitioning specification documents from plain text in order to promote interoperability, and one on creating interoperable standards by leveraging meta-markup languages such as RDF and XDI, rather than creating a new domain specific markup language. Both of these will discuss using XDI, but XDI is not the focus of either presentation, just one of the best tools proposed for use in achieving interop.
I know there are some possible abstract submissions from other TC members, and I'd love to hear the gist of your abstracts so we make sure we present a common picture to the symposium, and so we can where appropriate not have to cover the same topics. When it gets closer to presentation time I'd also welcome any of the TC members who want to act as sounding board for presentation drafts, and offer my time to do the same.
Bill Barnhill
Booz Allen Hamilton

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