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Subject: RE: [xdi] Next telecon?


Good timing. I just returned from vacation recently and I know several other
XDI TC members are due back shortly too. 

Meanwhile the XRI TC, with which we have significantly overlapping
membership, just started the final push on the XRI 2.0 suite. The editors
spent almost three hours on a telecon yesterday working the XRI Resolution
2.0 Working Draft 11 issues list -- you can see the results at:


That plus XRI Metadata 2.0 Working Draft 9 will take a great deal of
attention between now and Digital ID World, which starts on Sept. 11.

So I would propose that we restart regular XDI TC telecons the following
week, the week of Sept. 18th.

However, don't think there isn't a lot of "XDI cooking" going on. Besides
what Andy and Steve and others may have been doing, over the summer I have:

1) Taken your suggestion about simplifying the schema to five elements by
adding a Boolean attribute to the Resource element to indicate if it was
absolute, and it works beautifully. I'll upload that right now as the V16
schema proposal.

2) I then experiemented with a series of example XDI documents using the V16
schema to show how how data gets mapped into the XDI graph, and how link
contracts are structured. I need to put these into a PDF doc and annotate
them before it are worth uploading, but once I get the time to do that, I
think they will be very enlightening.

3) I developed a simple relational model of the XDI graph, i.e., by
flattening it into three linked tables that are so simple they are easy to
show in Excel. This too needs some more example data and annotations, but I
think it will make great grist for the mill once we restart our telecons.

Also, we should get started right away on approving the revised charter per
our discussions from the f2f meeting in May. I will upload that and we can
discuss any final revisions via email and then hold an online ballot, so we
have that finished prior to beginning the new telecon series.

How does all that sound?


=Drummond (i-name: =drummond.reed, http://xri.net/=drummond.reed) 

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Subject: [xdi] Next telecon?

When are we resuming regular meeting schedule?


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