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Subject: Codelist requirements synergy with OASIS XRI & XDI TCs

To the Codelist TC:

The potential for synergy between the Codelist TC and the XRI (Extensible
Resource Identifier) and XDI (XRI Data Interchange) Technical Committees was
first pointed out to us by XRI & XDI TC member Peter Davis of NeuStar.

In reviewing your requirements document
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=20944), I was
struck how prescient Peter was. In particular, both of the XRI and XDI TCs
are creating "dictionaries" of XRIs for the purpose of standardizing
namespaces to enable semantic interoperability. One example is the $l
namespace for language tags based on RFC 3066.

It would appear that a referenceable codelist could be both an input to and
and output from a XRI dictionary.

Furthermore, the XRI $ Dictionary is defining a specific namespace ($v) used
to identify version values, which maps to your codelist versioning

There are many ways we could explore this potential synergy. However from a
requirements standpoint, the only relevant feedback I have at this point
would to make sure that:

1) Any codelist itself can be uniquely identified by an XRI (and thus by an
IRI or URI).

2) Any codelist column or row can be uniquely identified by an XRI/IRI/URI.

3) Any codelist value, including a key, can be an XRI/IRI/URI.

If these requirements are met, I believe there would be no limit to the
interoperability of XRI/XDI TC specifications and Codelist TC

I am cc'ing the XRI and XDI TC lists to invite other members to provide
their review/feedback/ideas.

We would be very interested in exploring this synergy as the Codelist TC
moves forward into its specification drafting phase.

Best regards,

Drummond Reed
CTO, Cordance Corporation
i-name: =drummond.reed
skype: drummondreed
206.364.0992 office
206.618.8530 cell

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