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xdi message

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Subject: Weekly TC telecons

Hi all,

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday, and shopping afterwards.

I'd like to propose a new regular time of Thursday 3-4 PT on a weekly basis to ramp up the XDI work done within the TC, ne4xt on on Dec. 8th. This will allowus to meet while XRI is finishing road to 2.0.

Proposed agenda items for upcoming meetings:
1) XDI Charter
1a) Where do we stand on a revised draft
1b) A review of progress against the charter
2) XDI Schema 17
2a) Vote to finalize as XDI schema 1.0

3) XDI Dictionary 
4a) report from Marty
4b) Dictionary Extension Proposal concept

4) SVN?
Anyone know if it's up after move? I tried it using http://svn.oasis-open.org/xdi and server is up, but won't let me in with OASIS userid and password. Correct URL, or what?

5) XDI Services
5a) Service payload
XDI, but we need to specify types expected, what they mean, and how they are used
5b) SOAP binding
5c) Bill's proposal (to be published before meeting)

6) Doc content re-use
6a)We have lots of XDI presentations, white papers, etc out there. Is it possible to get them contributed to the TC? Ideally contributed in XHTML form. 
6b)I've been working with the DITA 1.3 toolkit. It has some quirks, but generally works well. I propose all new XDI documentation is created in DITA using separate concept files mapped into a topic hierarchy, allowing us to re-use things like definitions, explanations, examples, etc.
6c) Survey of interest in a TC sub-committee to investigate pros/cons of XITA ("zita"), a concept of a next generation DITA that leverages XRI's unique qualities for   specialization, and stores all content as XDI including  maps and topics, and stores schema and stylesheet fragments as XDI-wrapped XML data.

The above will probably be spread over 2-3 meetings, I'd imagine, assuming Drummond/Geoffrey approve all the above agenda items.



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