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Subject: RE: [xdi] Weekly TC telecons


Sorry for the slow response -- I was offline during the Thanksgiving break
and am still catching up on email.

I very much endorse the idea of returning to regular unofficial calls, the
same way the XRI TC does, and Thursday 3-4PT is a good time slot for me (the
XRI TC calls are 4-6PT). Anyone else on the list, if is this is NOT a good
time slot for you, please email the list and propose and alternate.
Otherwise *silence will be deemed consent*.

Bill, you mention starting Thursday the 8th, however I assume you meant
Thursday the 7th. Right now Marty Schleiff, Laurie Rae, Gabe Wachob, and I
are meeting in S.F. on that day (the day after the Internet Identity
Workshop which runs from the 4th through the 6th). The meeting is to go over
the XRI $ Dictionary specification draft that Marty and Laurie and I have
been developing. Since there is very strong synergy between the XRI $
Dictionary and the XDI $ Dictionary, I think we can justify taking an hour
to have an XDI TC call before the XRI TC call at 4PM.

I like your suggested agenda items, and agree that they will take several
meetings to get through. Also I know Andy Dale will be on an extended break
with his wife and family through the end of the year, so we'll want to hold
final decisions on some of these topics until he's back.

As a final note, the priority of finishing the XRI 2.0 spec cycle has not
changed -- myself and others on the XRI TC still need to give that top
billing until it is done. That's the primary factor delaying my having more
time to put into XDI. However steadily more synergy is developing,
particularly in the dictionary work, so I am in agreement that we need to
start ramping up the XDI TC work starting with this call on Dec. 7th.

Again, if anyone on the TC would like to participate in weekly calls but
cannot make a Thursday 3-4PM PT time slot, please email the list with an
alternate proposal.

Otherwise, let's plan on restarting weekly calls on Thursday, Dec. 7th,
3-4PM PT. I will send out a telecon number and agenda the day before each
call. (I'll sync up with Bill to structure the agenda items he suggests


-----Original Message-----
From: barnhill_william@bah.com [mailto:barnhill_william@bah.com] 
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006 10:54 AM
To: xdi@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xdi] Weekly TC telecons

Hi all,

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday, and shopping afterwards.

I'd like to propose a new regular time of Thursday 3-4 PT on a weekly basis
to ramp up the XDI work done within the TC, ne4xt on on Dec. 8th. This will
allowus to meet while XRI is finishing road to 2.0.

Proposed agenda items for upcoming meetings:
1) XDI Charter
1a) Where do we stand on a revised draft
1b) A review of progress against the charter
2) XDI Schema 17
2a) Vote to finalize as XDI schema 1.0

3) XDI Dictionary 
4a) report from Marty
4b) Dictionary Extension Proposal concept

4) SVN?
Anyone know if it's up after move? I tried it using
http://svn.oasis-open.org/xdi and server is up, but won't let me in with
OASIS userid and password. Correct URL, or what?

5) XDI Services
5a) Service payload
XDI, but we need to specify types expected, what they mean, and how they are
5b) SOAP binding
5c) Bill's proposal (to be published before meeting)

6) Doc content re-use
6a)We have lots of XDI presentations, white papers, etc out there. Is it
possible to get them contributed to the TC? Ideally contributed in XHTML
6b)I've been working with the DITA 1.3 toolkit. It has some quirks, but
generally works well. I propose all new XDI documentation is created in DITA
using separate concept files mapped into a topic hierarchy, allowing us to
re-use things like definitions, explanations, examples, etc.
6c) Survey of interest in a TC sub-committee to investigate pros/cons of
XITA ("zita"), a concept of a next generation DITA that leverages XRI's
unique qualities for   specialization, and stores all content as XDI
including  maps and topics, and stores schema and stylesheet fragments as
XDI-wrapped XML data.

The above will probably be spread over 2-3 meetings, I'd imagine, assuming
Drummond/Geoffrey approve all the above agenda items.



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