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Subject: URL claim in the Cardspace specifications

This email summarize my research to address the following action item from
the February 8th XRI XDI TC conference call:

Action Item: Laurie will look through the new Cardspace docs to see if a
URL claim has been defined as one of the claims in the core schema, as
suggested by Kim Cameron in the following post:

Here's an excerpt:

"Further, we tried to keep the ”bootstrap” Self-Issued Card provider down
to a minimal set of initial schema choices - precisely to leave room for a
managed card ecology.  But one of those initial claims is a URL…  I
thought an i-name or i-numbers would be able to go there.  Is more


After searching through the December 2006 Cardspace specifications, I did
not find any additional claims definitions aside from the fourteen claims
that Paul listed during the February 8th joint XRI XDI TC call.

That is, there does not appear to be a Windows Cardspace predefined URL
claim type. However, I talked to a couple Cardspace implementors who
thought there was a website claim type.

I could not find this type in the documentation and was not able to locate
the claims.xsd via the URL listed in the current "Technical Reference for
Information Cards in Windows CardSpace v1.0".

The provided URL is:

I was able to access the following schema:
http://schemas.microsoft.com/ws/2005/05/identity/InfoCard.xsd, but it did
not have a URL or Website claim.

Note that the above-listed Infocard.xsd schema does have a CardID element
that is of xs:anyURI type, and the BaseClaimType and TokenType have URI
attributes (XML attributes) that are of xs:anyURI type.

- Laurie

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