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Subject: XDI demo @ IST Mobile Summit 2007 in Budapest - pictures

Dear XRI/XDIers,

short mail to inform you that the prototype described hereafter has 
been successfully shown in Budapest during last IST Mobile and 
Wireless Summit as part of one of the (many!) E2R-II demonstrators 
shown during the Summit.You can read below the technical details of 
what it has been shown.
Attached some pictures from the booth and the presentation I gave on 
Tuesday during session A4 (services and applications).

Looking forward to go on working with you (expecially Drummond, Andy, 
Steve!) about this topic during next months.
Best Regards,

& the University of Rome Tor Vergata Team

At 18.20 26/06/2007, Giovanni Bartolomeo wrote:
>Dear All,
>this mail is to inform you that next week in Budapest, during the 
>16th IST Mobile and Wireless Communication Summit 
>(http://www.mobilesummit2007.org/), we're going to showcase a 
>prototype demonstrator of the E2R-II project which employs the XDI 
>technology to manage profile data, according to the principles 
>exposed in the paper "Design and XDI/XRI-based Implementation of a 
>Profile Management Architecture for Next Generation Networks", which 
>I'll present in the same conference.
>The prototype will be based on a prototype application built using 
>myXDI suite by ooTao, able to perform a transformation from an XDI 
>tree to automatically create java objects reflecting the resources 
>described in the tree. These objects could be manipulated like java 
>beans and can be serialized into XML and other format thanks to the 
>AXIS engine.
>This prototype application is the outcomes of a number of phone 
>calls I've had with Andy, discussing his document on "XDI data 
>modeling" and trying to implement that idea. A great help has come 
>from Steve and ooTao for what concern the implementation details.




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