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Subject: Minutes:Joint XRI & XDI TC Telecon Thursday 2007-07-26

Following are the minutes for the joint unofficial telecon of the XRI and XDI TCs at:


Date:  Thursday, 26 July 2007 USA

Time:  10:00AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time


Event Description:

Weekly unofficial joint call of the XRI and XDI Technical Committees.



    Dial In Number: 571-434-5750

    Conference ID: 5474





Markus Sabadello

Wil Tan

Gabe Wachob





1)    Feedback on WD 11 ED03 – for those of who you have had time to review, we should collect questions – feel free to enter them on the xri TC wiki before the call.


We either hadn’t read the document, or we had a lot of detailed feedback – Gabe will send feedback to the list, Markus already has, Wil will read document.


2)    Continue discussion on the GlobalID/CanonicalID proposed changes since there appears to be quite an unsettled feeling toward these proposals.


We had several pieces of feedback.

  • Wil (and Les and Gabe) are uncomfortable with the fact that CanonicalID elements may have new values assigned to them in the new proposal.
  • There was some discussion about how the new GlobalID use might break backwards compatibility with current implementations, but then Gabe pointed out that very few implementations are currently doing canonicalid verification now (at least correctly) so this is probably not an issue.
  • Section 15.4.2 (using LocalID to aid in Caching) made Gabe and Wil nervous because it made normal processing for clients more complicated (because the Query element may not match the subsegment being resolved).
  • There was a great deal of confusion about the highlighted text in section 12 – clarification needed
  • Short discussion on polyarchical and hierarchical being two models that are useful to discuss, but even polyarchical may not cover the entire set of XRI authority deployments.












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