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Subject: CANCELLED: XRI/XDI TC TELECON Thursday 2007-08-29

Due to travel this week, I will not be able to finish Editor's Draft 04
(ED04) of XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 11 before our next regularly
scheduled telecon tomorrow. I'm making good progress based on our decisions
but I need 5-6 more hours to complete the revisions and will not get that
time until my plane flight back on Friday.

Since we don't have any other current open issues (and we need to finish XRI
Resolution before moving on to other XRI 3.0 and XDI 1.0 topics), we won't
hold a telecon tomorrow. 

I will endeavor to post ED04 this weekend or early next week (next Monday is
Labor Day in the U.S.), so let's plan on reviewing that draft on next week's
telecon (Thursday Sept. 6th, 10AM PT).


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