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Subject: Re: [xdi] XDI and Next Generation Networks

Hello Giovanni,

It will be wonderful to meet you in Barcelona.. As Drummond mentions, I have spent some time trying to get familiar with the XDI RDF model, and as a coincidence I very recently started to think about exactly the topic you mention - what the network protocols would look like that perform operations on XDI documents. I especially like your concept of the server being able to notify a client of changes.

So it will be great to exchange thoughts about this!


On 10/9/07, Giovanni Bartolomeo < giovanni.bartolomeo@uniroma2.it> wrote:
Dear All,

sorry for the long silence :-(... with the TC concentrating its
activity on XRI new specs, relevant for the new XDI RDF model, I've
in the meanwhile focused on how to map the XDI abstract protocol in
concrete network protocols, targeting in particular the Next
Generation Networks model as defined by TISPAN.
I think this will be relevant to XDI as it would pave the way to its
use in a wider scope than the Web, leveraging on  the convergence of
Internet and Telecommunications services, as we suggested in the charter.
Some early outcomes are available in this document
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/25615/Draft-Contrib-OASIS-XDI-XDM.pdf )
which I've just uploaded on the server. (For your convenince, I've
also uploaded my earlier presentation about introducing notification
in XDI, here
I want to outline that this document represents only a possible way
to implementation, without affecting in any way the underlying data
model chosen for XDI (ATI or RDF). Hope to receive feedback from you
and continue this activity.

Best Regards,

PS: I'll come to Barcellona for the IDTrust Workshop on Oct 22. I
hope it will be a possibility to meet physically some of you and
maybe exchange some ideas about the future of XDI :-)

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