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Subject: Re: [xdi] No XRI/XDI TC telecon tomorrow (Thursday 12/5)

Dear Drummond,

Very happy to hear these news! Congratulations for both :-) 
achievements from all of us!
Looking forward to work with you and the XDI TC at XDI1.0 
specification release!


At 08.13 06/12/2007, Drummond Reed wrote:
>XRI and XDI TC Members and Observers:
>In celebration of XRI Resolution 2.0 Committee Draft 02 entering public
>review, OpenID Authentication 2.0 (which now officially references XRI
>Resolution 2.0 CD02) going final this morning (see
>http://openid.net/2007/12/05/openid-2_0-final-ly/), a very successful
>Internet Identity Workshop that just ended today, and the fact that it's a
>particular milestone birthday of mine tomorrow (I won't say which one ;-),
>we won't be holding our XRI and XDI TC joint telecon tomorrow (Thursday,
>December 5).
>Our next telecon will be Thursday, December 13, at 10AM PT. One of our
>topics will be charter updates for both TCs and laying out our 2008 agenda.
>XRI and XRDS infrastructure is playing an increasing role in the emerging
>Internet identity layer and interest in XDI is growing rapidly -- our XDI
>RDF session at the close of IIW today was very well attended, and architects
>from other major identity frameworks are now asking us how they can take
>advantage of XRI and XDI. So 2008 promises to be a very exciting year.
>Talk to everyone in a week,
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