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Subject: Agenda:Joint XRI & XDI TC Telecon 10AM PT Thursday 2007-12-20

Following is the agenda for a joint unofficial telecon of the XRI and XDI
TCs at:

Date:  Thursday, 20 December 2007 USA
Time:  10:00AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time

Event Description:
Weekly unofficial joint call of the XRI and XDI Technical Committees.

    Dial In Number: 571-434-5750
    Conference ID: 5474



In looking at the requirements of the OAuth community (http://oauth.net/)
for OASIS Discovery (see first draft at
http://oauth-specs.googlecode.com/svn/discovery/drafts/1/spec.html), Gabe
has suggested the idea of creating a "XRDS lite" - a profile of XRDS for
specifications that don't need the full functionality defined in XRI
Resolution 2.0 Committee Draft 02. We'll get input from TC members about
this approach.


Concerns have been expressed about the impact of implementations being
released in advance of final specifications. This is always a challenge in
the development of open standards, but it is particularly relevant in light
of our turning point finishing the XRI 2.0 spec cycle and our charter
revision discussions (below). 


The XDI TC has been planning to update its charter for a over year now, and
with the XRI 2.0 spec cycle completing, the XRI TC is also ready to update
its charter. This is an opportunity to open discussion about our mutual
goals and how to best achieve them. This will undoubtably take more than one
meeting, but our goal for this call will be to begin the discussion prior to
the holiday break and at a minimum agree on the tools (mailing list, wiki
pages, special TC calls, other meetings) and time frame in wich we'd like to
complete it.

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