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Subject: Minutes:Joint XRI & XDI TC Telecon 10AM PT Thursday 2007-12-20

Following are the minutes of a joint unofficial telecon of the XRI and XDI
TCs at:

Date:  Thursday, 20 December 2007 USA
Time:  10:00AM - 12:00PM Pacific Time

Event Description:
Weekly unofficial joint call of the XRI and XDI Technical Committees.


John Bradley 
Markus Sabadello 
Drummond Reed 
Gabe Wachob 
Marty Schleiff
Wil Tan



In working with the requirements of the OAuth community (http://oauth.net/)
for OAuth Discovery (see first draft at
http://oauth-specs.googlecode.com/svn/discovery/drafts/1/spec.html), Gabe
suggested the idea of creating an "XRDS lite" - a profile of XRDS for
specifications that don't need the full functionality defined in XRI
Resolution 2.0 Committee Draft 02.

Gabe explained that the idea of "XRDS lite" was to do a short spec about how
to use a reduced set of the full XRDS element/attribute set that does not
require processors to understand Redirect or Ref processing and full-scale
SEP selection. Such a profile would including marking the outer XRDS element
and/or each XRD element within it it with an attribute that indicated to
processors that this XRDS or XRD uses only this limited set of semantics.

John asked if a simple profile that could only be processed by simple
processors would invite problems in compatability with full XRDS processing.
The feeling was that while that was true, it would not be much of a problem
as long as the XRDS lite spec was a proper subset of XRDS, because then
inverse would not be a problem, i.e., all full-scale XRDS processors will be
able to handle any simple XRDS document or mixed simple/full XRDS document.

We discussed the path for evolution of such a spec. The consensus was that
it was fine for it to evolve organically within the OAuth community, with
assistance from the volunteers from the XRI TC (currently Gabe, Markus, Wil,
Drummond), and then for it to be contributed to the XRI TC for publication.

Gabe also suggested that those TC members interested in seeing XRI support
in OAuth Discovery review the spec closely and potentially propose an
accompanying short spec explaining how to use XRIs with OAuth Discovery.


Implementations released in advance of final specifications is always a
challenge in the development of open standards. It is particularly important
at this juncture of finishing the XRI 2.0 spec cycle and our charter
revision discussions (below). 

Marty spoke to the importance of the TC making sure that developers and open
source projects know that while development and adoption of such
implementations in advance of final specifications is good from the
standpoint of proving that the code works and finding any problems, such
implementations should not and cannot be used to sway the TC from developing
and approving what it believes to be the best specification.

Marty and Gabe also suggested that TC members be very careful about
referencing potential future specifications in public meetings. This applied
specifically to a session Drummond gave on XDI RDF gave at Internet Identity
Workshop on December 5 where he showed examples using the XRI Syntax 3.0
syntax proposal listed at
http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xri/XriThree/SyntaxAbnf. Drummond explained that
he gave what he felt was a strong caveat at the start of the talk about the
XRIs being shown being only a proposal. However he agreed that it did not
sufficiently promote XRI Syntax 2.0, and we should be promoting that
directly as it goes to OASIS vote.


To keep the call to one hour, we did not have time to discuss this agenda
item today, but agreed to make it the primary agenda item on our next call.

In the meantime, we will advance the discussion by putting the charters for
both TCs on the respective wikis (the XDI TC charter is already posted at

# DRUMMOND to post the XRI TC charter on the XRI TC wiki.


Due to the holiday season, we will not hold a telecon next week. The next
telecon will be Thursday, January 3, 2008, at the regular time, 10AM PT.

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