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Subject: Re: [xri] Minutes:Joint XRI & XDI TC Telecon 10AM PT Thursday 2007-12-20

while i cannot dispute the utility of this proposal, i'd strongly  
urge that the TC work towards a proposal which does not alter schema,  
merely processing rules (as i think that is what i would imagine is  
the challenge for some implementations).  Proposing a lite version  
which breaks compatibility with the present 2.0-cd would be a huge  


On Dec 20, 2007, at 6:22 PM, Drummond Reed wrote:

> Gabe explained that the idea of "XRDS lite" was to do a short spec  
> about how
> to use a reduced set of the full XRDS element/attribute set that  
> does not
> require processors to understand Redirect or Ref processing and  
> full-scale
> SEP selection. Such a profile would including marking the outer  
> XRDS element
> and/or each XRD element within it it with an attribute that  
> indicated to
> processors that this XRDS or XRD uses only this limited set of  
> semantics.
> John asked if a simple profile that could only be processed by simple
> processors would invite problems in compatability with full XRDS  
> processing.
> The feeling was that while that was true, it would not be much of a  
> problem
> as long as the XRDS lite spec was a proper subset of XRDS, because  
> then
> inverse would not be a problem, i.e., all full-scale XRDS  
> processors will be
> able to handle any simple XRDS document or mixed simple/full XRDS  
> document.

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