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Subject: No XRI/XDI Telecon on Thursday 2008-01-03 - Alternate Assignment

XRI and XDI TC Members and Observers:


Happy New Year. Due to the short time our first telecon falls after the holiday break (I’m barely over my New Years recovery headache), and to the fact that several TC members are still in transit, we will not hold our usual telecon tomorrow, Thursday 1/3.


Instead, since the primary topic for this telecon was charter revisions, we will use the time for TC members to review and suggest revisions to the current charters. Per our last call, both charters have been posted to the following wiki pages:


            XRI TC Charter Revision:



            XDI TC Charter Revision:



The first is currently an exact copy of the current XRI TC charter. The latter already incorporates proposed changes to the XDI TC charter suggested when we last discussed the topic last spring (but never formally made any update).


Please feel free to make your suggested revisions to the charter pages directly (in the wiki text), or to add comments, or both. Please also send email to the respective mailing list so we can discuss changes there.


We will hold our next telecon at the regularly scheduled time, Thursday January 10, at 10AM PT. The charter revisions will be a main topic. Please feel free to suggest any other topics you’d like to see on the agenda.





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