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Subject: Re: [xdi] Minutes: XDI TC Telecon Thursday 8-9AM PT 2008-02-14


I would support the third option, as I've realized that there are 
different aspects in XDI which are to be covered, as Bill said in his 
comments to XDI RDF version 8, it would be probably good to split the 
work into different areas and have experts involved in contributing 
to different documents (obviously to be agreed with the whole TC). 
For example, we're mostly interested in XDI common semantics (what 
Drummond called XDI "grammar"), so I would support to have a subgroup 
to discuss this (I think at least Drummond, Markus, Andy may be 
interested in discussing this aspect). What do you think?


At 22.08 16/02/2008, Drummond Reed wrote:

>Drummond has exchanged email with Nat Sakimura about call timing. Nat and
>one of his team would like to be able to join the telecons. We discussed
>three options:
>* Finding a fixed time that works for everyone (may not be possible).
>* Having separate calls (leads to disjoint communications).
>* Dividing work into subcommittees (which may be a good idea anyway).
># DRUMMOND to further explore options with Nat

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