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Subject: Re: [xdi] Re: $greater, $lesser, etc.

Dear All,

I've just elaborated a bit more on my previous comments.. BTW I didn't receive any answer, maybe I'm missing something, but I think this is a relevant point:

At 18.51 31/03/2008, Giovanni Bartolomeo wrote:
What it is still a bit obscure to me are the following statements:

=giovanni/+phone+home/"+39 06 4451843"

=giovanni+phone/+home/"+39 06 4451843"

aren't they equivalent? furthermore, aren't they both asserting the 
same as giovanni+phone+home/$type$xsd$string/"+39 06 4451843"?


What I realized is that these three statements:
a. =giovanni+phone+home/$type$xsd$string/"+39 06 4451843"
b. =giovanni/+phone+home/"+39 06 4451843"
c. =giovanni+phone/+home/"+39 06 4451843"

are actually NOT equivalent in terms of semantics:
a. is asserting that the type for =giovanni+phone+home is a string and its value is "+39 06 4451843"
b. is asserting that =giovanni's phone at home is "+39 06 4451843", being =giovanni the subject
c. b. is asserting that =giovanni+phone's a property, home, which is equals "+39 06 4451843", being =giovanni+phone the subject

HOWEVER in order to enforce consistency, these three addresses
a. =giovanni+phone+home/$type$xsd$string/
b. =giovanni/+phone+home/
c. =giovanni+phone/+home/

should point to the SAME node in the XDI graph (or be aliases). Is this correct? What do you think?


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