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Subject: XDI Querier update

According to today's discussion I updated the XDI Querier with the following changes:
- $$1, $$2 instead of $any$1, $any$2
- $$ instead of $all
- Constraints on literals are now expressed using cross-references as subjects

Example 7 now looks like this:


This example also demonstrates that the statements to which constraints apply may or not be selected for the result document:
- There's a constraint on the age of =giovanni's friends (must be <= 26), but those ages are NOT selected. They could easily be selected by adding a $$1/+age/$$ statement to the query.
- Then there's a constraint on the nationality of the friends' sisters (must be "Italian"), and those nationalities ARE selected, because the $$2/+nationality/$$ statement exists in the query.


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