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Subject: Request for XDI TC charter clarification vote

[resending to the XDI TC mailing list from the authorized email address.]




Per the minutes of the 20 March 2008 XDI TC telecon, the TC would like to request a charter clarification vote. The primary reason for the clarification is to update our list of deliverables, which is several years out of date. The secondary reason is to update some of the terminology used in the charter document which has evolved as the problem space has matured.


There is no change in scope of the activities of the TC.


Per the requirements of a charter clarification as described in section 2.11 of the TC Process document (http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#charterClarification), following are the links to:


* Our original charter in Word format (for comparision with the proposed clarified charter):




* Our clarified charter in Word format:




* A copy of the clarified charter in Word format showing change marks from the original charter:




Please let us know if you have any questions. Since we just opened a ballot on a co-chair transition, it would be ideal if this ballot could be opened soon so TC members could vote on both matters at the same time.


Thank you for your help,



Drummond Reed

Cordance Corporation



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