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Subject: XDI TC informal telecon Friday 16 May 2008 11AM PT

[My apologies – this message was supposed to have been sent yesterday but did not make it to the list. =Drummond]


With the Data Sharing Summit completed today, we will hold an informal XDI TC meeting with the TC members present in the San Jose area today (Friday). The physical meeting will be at Nat Sakimura’s hotel suite start at 10AM Pacific time, while the telecon will start at 11AM (to give us time to get situated).


The physical location of the meeting is:


            Westin Palo Alto: Suite #130


The telecon that begins at 10:30AM will be on:


Dial-in number: 1 (906) 481-2100

Access Code: 716822#


We will also use Glance screen sharing as needed – instructions will be given orally tomorrow.


Right now the physical attendees will be Nat Sakimura, Markus Sabadello, and myself from 11AM-3PM, with Victor Grey and Kermit Snelson joining from roughly 1-3PM. I have to leave at 3PM but the rest of the group is welcome to continue after that.


A very loose agenda (we’ll discuss this at the start) is:


1) Report on Internet Identity Workshop and Data Sharing Summit


2) Discussion and prioritization of remaining technical issues for 1.0 specifications


3) Prioritization of specs and formation of initial editorial teams


4) Link contract requirements and design


See/talk to you then.



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