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Subject: XDI Setter, XDI Local Messenger

At IIW someone asked if it's possible to perform set operations (union, intersection, ...) on XDI graphs. Well of course it is:
http://graceland.parityinc.net/xdi-setter/XDISetter <-- I'm good at inventing stupid names for XDI applications!

Also, I have finally started looking into link contracts a bit, since 1) this is Higgins related and 2) Nat has a use case for link contracts. In order to be able to experiment with them, I made a "local" version of the XDI Messenger, which works almost the same as the normal XDI Messenger, but instead of HTTP POSTing a message to an endpoint, the message is simply applied to a graph in a text area:

This XDI Local Messenger has a switch to turn on experimental link contract support. Normally this would be part of the XDI endpoint configuration. I have many questions about link contracts. I'll put them into a separate e-mail as soon as I think them through.

I also made some updates to previous applications:

The XDI Converter now allows "XRI" both as input and output format, to try to do what Bill suggests. This is very experimental too... I'll wait for the outcome of the discussion before I make more changes.

The XDI Validator now displays some extra information about a graph. It shows you the number of "known special constructs" in the graph, which are: constraints, version lists, version snapshots, version logs, link contract templates and link constracts.

And finally there's a new native XDI endpoint backed by the high performance Berkely DB, using the key/value mapping I suggested a while ago. As usual this endpoint can be talked to with the XDI Messenger (click on "What can I do here?" to see all available endpoints)


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