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Subject: Postponing our weekly telecons another week

XDI TC Members and Observers,

I just received a note from Bill Barnhill that his mother passed away last weekend and he is at his father's this week for the funeral. He asked if we can extend our call hiatus for another week so he can join the next call, and I said of course that's fine.

So we will not have a call this week. As I look at my own schedule, John Bradley and I are scheduled to be in Wash. D.C. next week for the OASIS Identity Management 2009 conference, which ends next Wednesday, but we are staying in DC for additional meetings Thursday and Friday. So theoretically John and I should be available but we may end out with conflicting meetings. So we'll just send out a notice when we get closer.

In the meantime, on behalf of the TC, I extend our condolences to Bill and his family.


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