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Subject: Minutes: XDI TC Telecon Thursday 1-2PM PT 2009-10-22

Following are the minutes of the unofficial telecon of the XDI TC at:

Date:  Thursday, 22 October 2009 USA
Time:  1:00PM - 2:00PM Pacific Time (20:00-21:00 UTC)


Giovanni Bartolomeo
Markus Sabadello
Nika Jones
Drummond Reed
John Bradley



We continued the last discussion from two weeks ago, this time using the XRD RDF Model document examples:


Drummond noted that he plans to post a slight revision to this doc posted soon - it mostly brings it current with XRD and fixes some formatting problems.

We began by discussing the XDI Context Descriptor use case and example starting on page 17.

We noted the use of $$xdi as a "typed variable" is still an open issues and agreed that we need to return to that in another thread, either online or in a subsequent call.

We then discussed context self-descriptors and the relationship to message self-descriptors.

Markus explained that the proposal is that $ as the subject of an XDI message is the equivalent of saying the subject is anonymous. Drummond said a link contract can be then be written for the $ subject that gives access to "anyone", i.e., the data is public.

Giovanni pointed out that this means the link contract is written against the $ self-context descriptor in the receiving contract. This may or may not seem intuitive.

The other two options are:

    - Use $$ as a variable to represent an anonymous requester.
    - Use $$any to make it even more explicit.

It was agreed this needs further discussion, which we will try to do over email.

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