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Subject: Example PDX XDI Document

XDI TC Members,

I just posted to the XDI TC wiki an example XDI document illustrating a number of key patterns for the PDX (personal data exchange) dialect of XDI.


The PDX dialect has been evolving out of work Markus Sabadello, Joseph Boyle, Paul Trevithick, and myself have been doing to meet different PDX use cases, for example a global social address book that is based on XDI-interlinked PDS (personal data stores).

Each of the key patterns in the example document is documented in the sections that follow the example. A section for comments/questions is at the end; please do post thoughts/issues there.

Those of us attending Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View this week have been actively discussing these examples; implementation efforts on the PDX dialect are already underway. Due to the IIW schedule, we won't be holding an XDI TC telecon this week, but feel free to post thoughts/questions to the mailing list; this should give us a rich set of topics for future calls.


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