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xdi message

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Subject: reactions on paper "When owl:sameAs isn?t the Same..."


having had time this week to look at these Drummond suggested readings:

?When owl:sameAs isn?t the Same: An Analysis of Identity Links on the  
Semantic Web?, by Harry Halpin, Ivan Herman, and Patrick J. Hayes

?RDF and XML: Towards a Unified Query Layer?, by Nuno Lopes, Stefan  
Bischof, Orri Erling, Axel Polleres, Alexandre Passant, Diego  
Berrueta, Antonio Campos, Jé?rôme Euzenat, Kingsley Idehen, Stefan  
Decker, Sté?phane Corlosquet, Jacek Kopecky ?, Janne Saarela, Thomas  
Krennwallner, Davide Palmisano, and Michal Zaremba

(both will be presented at nextcoming W3C RDF workshop,  
http://www.w3.org/2009/12/rdf-ws/) I would like to share with you some  
thoughts on how I believe XDI and XRI non-opaque identifiers could  
nicely address some issues presented there - especially in the first  

Could you insert this topic into today's or next week's phc agenda?

Thank you very much,

Invito da parte dell'Ateneo:
Il tuo futuro e quello della Ricerca Scientifica hanno bisogno del
tuo aiuto. Dona il  5 x mille all'Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata
codice fiscale: 80213750583 http://5x1000.uniroma2.it

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