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Subject: Drummond not able to attend this Thursday's call

I am scheduled to attend the Consumer 2.0 day of the Telco 2.0 conference on Thursday and the schedule is packed. So even though I'd love to discuss the message I just sent in response to Giovanni's questions (among other topics), the conference schedule is so packed I won't be able to attend the call.

So please go ahead without me - hopefully Bill can attend and chair the call. Note that I have updated Idearpad to use the following account info:

LOG IN TO: http://xdi.idearpad.org/

USERNAME: drummond.reed@______ (the email service offered by Will's employer ;-)

PASSWORD: public (yes, the password is the word "public" -- everything we're doing at Idearpad is public)

So any TC member can use this to login and set up the Idearpad for the next meeting (just create a new pad and it will automatically increment the pad number). Note that to make the pad accessible, you must go into the Security tab and click the radio button "Public". Do NOT set a password so none will be required to access the pad.



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