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Subject: MOVED: This week's XDI TC telecon to FRIDAY 10AM PT/1PM ET/17:00UTC/19:00 CEST

XDI TC Members:

Due to the extreme level of activity this week for many of us to prepare for Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View, CA next week, we're moving this week's XDI TC telecon to the time slot of the OpenXDI telecon (Friday morning 10-11AM PT). This will kill two birds with one stone:
Since Gluu hosts the OpenXDI telecon, I will let Mike send the full GoToMeeting invitation info for this meeting. NOTE THAT WE WILL USE THE GOTOMEETING TELEPHONE CONNECTION, i.e., we will connect entirely through GoToMeeting for this call.

Also, since we will only have exactly one hour, please try to join the telecon and the GoToMeeting session at exactly 10AM PT/1PM ET/17:00 UTC/19:00 CEST.



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