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Subject: OX 0.0 Press Release

Sort of a rushed effort, but here is the release :)

PR is available at http://tinyurl.com/4xyq5qj

If any of you guys want to supply a quote for the next press release on 
Aug 1, let me know. That PR will include mention of Link Contracts and 



Gluu releases first version of OpenXDI (OX)

Open source software provides secure, privacy protecting technology to 
enable sharing of personal data by implementing proposed OASIS XDI 1.0 


July 1, 2011 Bulverde, TX Gluu announced today the release of OpenXDI (OX) 
version 0.0, an implementation of the XDI 1.0 standard under review by the 
OASIS XDI Technical Committee. This initial release provides a core Java 
API for XDI, a graphical browser for displaying XDI graphs, and an XDI 
server which provides XDI persistence, operations, and messaging. OX 
leverages XRI 3.0, a separate OASIS proposed standard for naming 
persistent and re-assignable objects on the Internet.

"The imminent completion of the XDI 1.0 standard represents the 
culmination of years of hard work by the OASIS XDI Technical Committee. 
All of us at Gluu are grateful for the opportunity to bring this vision to 
life in code", said Michael Schwartz, Founder / CEO of Gluu. "Today, 
privacy on the Internet is broken. The architects of the Internet did not 
design the network to address the complex security and privacy 
requirements that are needed by our society. XRI and XDI technology is a 
deep structural solution to empower people and organizations to both share 
and protect data that is essential for their digital existence", he 

OX software is open source; the latest code and documentation is posted on 
the project wiki at http://openxdi.gluu.info.

About Gluu
Gluu is a Texas based startup offering a Public and Private Cloud Identity 
Appliance which enables organizations to manage SAML federations with 
websites, and to offer personal data store service to its people. Gluu 
leads the OpenXDI project, an open source implementation of the OASIS XDI 
1.0 standard.

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