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xdi message

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Subject: owl:inverseOf, owl:ObjectProperty, owl:DatatypeProperty

This might be useful to define the semantics of our $word


in particular, one could assume that, in XDI, $inv<someproperty> is a  
shortcut for this:

<owl:ObjectProperty rdf:about="$inv<someproperty>">
   <owl:inverseOf rdf:resource="<someproperty>"/>

Likewise in OWL one can distinguish between owl:ObjectProperty and  
owl:DatatypeProperty, which is roughly the same as not having or  
having ! at the end of an XDI predicate, i.e. the range of the  
predicate is an object or a datatype:

<owl:ObjectProperty rdf:ID="+age"/>
<owl:DatatypeProperty rdf:ID="+age!"/>

So XDI should be more OWL (DL) oriented than "pure" RDF oriented...


> See Drummond's email to the list and subsequent discussion:
>   http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xdi/201106/msg00029.html
> Drummond summarized last week's discussion, and said that is really  
> becomes an aesthetic decision by the TC, since $ ==>$is, * ==> $has,  
> and ! ==> $a are functionality identical.
> Bill said that he is in favor of moving back to metagraph words for  
> these symbols, but feels we should have separate $words for  
> equivalence and inversion.
> Giovanni pointed out that even though RDF does not have an  
> algorithmic way to express inversion, Linked Data does suggest that  
> nodes that are linked also include the inverse link so that you can  
> discover the relationship in both directions.
> Note that by itself, adopting a separate $word for inversion is not  
> a solution to the RDF incompability issue.
> # ALL - Send your stack-ranked choice for a new $word for asserting  
> inversion as an email to the list before next week's call.

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