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Subject: Suggestion for link contracts


I have a rough idea for link contracts. See attached diagram. I'm sure 
there will be corrections to my syntax...

My idea is to reserve $if, $and, $or, $not, $who, $when, $how, 
$accessType, and $credentialType.

Beneath the $if statement, there would be ordered policies, which would 
get evaluated until a true policy was found, at which point execution 
would stop.

Beneath the policies, the use of $and, $or, would be permitted to allow 
the creation of complex attribute rules.

$who, $how, and $when would be allowed for each policy. I could see a 
$where could specify a source IP address for the requestor (i.e. 
information not necessarily coming from their graph).

Any thoughts before the TC meeting?

- Mike


Michael Schwartz
Founder, CEO
+1 646-810-8761

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