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Subject: Evented API spec

I wanted to bring to everyone's attention the Evented API independently published last week by Phil Windley and Sam Curren of Kynetx. Phil's blog post about it is at:


The spec itself is at:


I gave Phil and Sam some early comments on it, but my two primary takeaways were:
  1. This is a very simple and elegant way to achieve interop on events on a very wide scale.
  2. It is a perfect fit for XDI.
The picture I shared with them was one of concentric circles: the outer circle would be all systems that supported the Evented API, the inner circle would be all systems that supported it and for which the Evented API endpoints were also XDI endpoints.

In the latter case, all the semantics of the messages, event subscriptions, authentication, authorization, etc. would already be built in. What we've been calling an XDI network would be an evented XDI network.

Phil and Sam are going to hold sessions on this at Internet Identity Workshop next week so we'll be able to discuss further there, but please do look over the spec and share any thoughts you have in advance of that. I'll put in on the agenda for a brief discussion on tomorrow's call as well.


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