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Subject: No XDI TC telecon this week

XDI TC Members:

For reasons I'd be glad to explain offline, I must make an unplanned trip tomorrow through Friday to the assistance of a friend (who happens to be a very strong XDI supporter).

So I will need to miss this week's telecon. In talking to Mike Schwartz today, he also said he needs more time to prepare his XDI query filter proposal.

So we propose not hold this week's telecon, and instead plan for at least a 90 minute telecon next Thursday, February 9.

Also, I"m close to being finished with an update to the XDI Graph Model document and the XDI Graph Patterns diagrams that incorporate all the suggestions from the past two months, including the "literal context" proposal that I had a chance to discuss with Mike Schwartz, Joseph Boyle, and Victor Grey last week. As soon as it's done I'll post it for everyone to review before next week's call.


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