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Subject: Re: [xdi] leeloo -> Apache Amber

Thanks, Markus, that's very helpful info.


On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 2:18 PM, Markus Sabadello <markus.sabadello@xdi.org> wrote:
There was some confusion on today's call about UMA and XDI and the leeloo OAuth library.
I looked it up and remembered, here's the explanation:

leeloo was merged into Apache Amber.

A while ago I used leeloo to demonstrate how OAuth tokens can authorize XDI messages going to a Personal Data Store.
On the Amber wiki there's a page mentioning XDI and Project Danube:

Here's a screencast of how it worked:

Today the underlying OAuth/XDI technology would look a bit differently, but I think the scenario is still valid.

Project Danube: http://projectdanube.org
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium: http://personaldataecosystem.org/

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