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Subject: Re: [xdi] Phil Windley's "KRL, Data, and Personal Clouds" blog post & URL of KRE Open Source Project

Phi's blog really has a great set of posts to introduce how events work and why they're important.

I believe the stack of Evented APIs / EXP / KRL / XDI could also provide a lot of useful functionality for a network of FreedomBox'es or similar devices.

After all, how to best realize a personal event network if not with personal servers?

Project Danube: http://projectdanube.org
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium: http://personaldataecosystem.org/

On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 12:38 AM, Drummond Reed <drummond.reed@xdi.org> wrote:
Phil Windley just did a new blog post explaining how he plans to integrate XDI with KRL (Kinetic Rules Language):


Phil also shared the following URL for the KRE (Kinetic Rules Engine) open source project which is the code base where the integration will be done:



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