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Subject: XDI Article for Personal Data Journal

Hello XDI TC,

In the next issue of the Personal Data Journal, there will be an article about XDI.
I'm planning to cover the following: introduction, history, some examples, key features of XDI, XDI and the PDE, overlap of XDI with other technologies (KRL, OpenID Connect, etc.).

We talked about how it would be nice to have an XDI Primer, right?
Maybe the journal article could be a first step in that direction.
So I think I'll start a page on the TC wiki to work on this.

Also, I'd like to invite everyone on the TC to send me the following:
* A short statement (1 or 2 sentences) about ONE specific feature of XDI that you really like and that can't be done (so well) with any other technology you know!


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