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Subject: XDI wiki report

New pages this week: HttpRestBindingProposals
Changed pages this week: FrontPage
Kind regards,

Bill Barnhill
Booz Allen Hamilton - Belcamp,MD
1-443-924-0824 | barnhill_william@bah.com

From: xdi@lists.oasis-open.org [xdi@lists.oasis-open.org] on behalf of Barnhill, William [USA] [barnhill_william@bah.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012 7:10 AM
To: Michael Schwartz; Joseph Boyle
Cc: Yuriy Zabrovarnyy; OASIS - XDI TC; Cameron Hunt
Subject: [xdi] REST proposal (was RE: [xdi] How to send XDI message to server?)

What I have been considering XDI REST is be REST with the following additional constraints:

1) Every URI is a URI representation of an XRI

2) Every resource representation (the HTTP body of a POST or PUT) is one of

a) an XDI graph in an accepted XDI format, which defaults to XDI JSON and MIME type of application/json+xdi

b) a literal in an XDI graph whose format is specified by the MIME type

3) Every operation on a resource, and every resource representation response, has an additional header $base which has a single quoted strong as its value, with that string containing a valid absolute XRI

4) As with $base, every request/response has a $lc header which specifies the link contract under which the request/response should be processed.

5) As with $base, every request/response has a $xri header which specifies the XRI of the specific XDI message

6) XDI operations are mapped to HTTP operations as follows:
$add -> HTTP POST
$get -> HTTP GET
$mod -> HTTP PUT
$test -> HTTP HEAD

7) Any resource XRI (target, $base) may have a query string part. That query string must have a filter parameter which takes an XDI graph _expression_ (details for another document or email) that when evaluated restricts the XDI graph returned, or operated on, to one or more sub-graphs.

This leaves Link Contract negotiation / authentication unspecified, which we'd have to fix. Also it doesn't map XDI errors to HTTP errors, or deal with forwarding, which we'd have to fix.

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