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xdi message

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Subject: Demo Server up and running!


I signed up for a 4GB cloud server from Rackspace and started setting it up, according to IdTrustProposal.

Right now, it doesn't have a hostname yet, so the URL is
I think a nice hostname would be demo.xdi.org.

- On the front page, there is a quick overview, as well as summaries of the deployed XDI implementations.
- I suppose more information could be added, e.g. sample XDI message, or a few links to relevant XDI TC pages and documents.
- OpenXDI: I deployed OpenDJ, oxServer, oxGraph and oxTestTool... Mike+Yuriy, please let me know if I should change anything (or if you want to admin the server yourself).
- XDI²: I deployed the server and web tools.

If you want access to the server, send me your public key.
On the server, there's a file SERVERINFO with information about the deployment..

Looking forward to your feedback :)


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